Organizational Approach

How we Work

Raising Africa has three avenues of programme or project implementation. The first and most common is through direct implementation using its in house capacity. Secondly it works through partnerships with the government who may have the legal mandate for implementation of some of the proposed activities. Thirdly, Raising Africa implements its Programmes and projects through its partners who may include other NGOs or Civil Society Organizations including the private sector.

Direct Implementation

Raising Africa as earlier alluded, uses this avenue as its main channel of programme and project implementation. It largely relies on its in-house technical and managerial capacity. Strategically Raising Africa endeavors to strengthen its capacity to directly implement its programmes and projects using its in-house capacity. This it does through some of the following strategic interventions:

  • Conducting careful recruitment for all technical positions to ensure that the right and most qualified individuals are hired.
  • Providing training and constant refresher courses to all staff to ensure they stay up to date with the latest trends in their fields.

Working with Government

Raising Africa recognizes the need to work with government to ensure sustainability of Programmes. It employs the twin track approach – capacity building of government structures to engage and develop Programmes and projects that benefit the poor as well as develop mechanisms to monitor, engage and advocate with government structures on governance issues. Strategically Raising Africa supports and contributes to the efforts of local and central government in its operational sectors for sustainable impact on the lives of people living in extreme poverty. This it does through some of the following strategic interventions:

  • Develops detailed understanding of decentralized structures at different levels with emphasis on delivering programmes in areas of focus.
  • Supports local governments to improve understanding to implement and influence policies and procedures.  
  • Supports local government and CSO relationships. 
  • Develops and implements capacity-building strategies for assisting relevant government departments or institutions to implement pro-poor programmes.

Working with Civil Society Organizations and the Private Sector

Raising Africa implements some projects or components of its Programmes through its partners who may include other NGOs or CSOs including the private sector. Strategically Raising Africa endeavors to work with capable and viable partners to ensure sustainable and measurable impact on poverty. This it does through some of the following strategic interventions:

  • Formulation of partnership guidelines and development of capacity building tools.
  • Identification and building of mutually beneficial relationships with capable and viable CSOs based on sectoral and geographical areas of focus.
  • Identification of CSOs that can advocate for beneficiary issues at national level and support linkages between national and district level CSOs.
  • Building of relationships with research institutions and the private sector.
  • Involvement of CSOs at an appropriate stage in the design, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of programs or projects and make long term funding commitments. 
  • Ensuring documentation of processes, lessons, successes and failures.